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for the first forty days, holding space during transition

You are an ever-changing being...

Transformation by birth. Bringing spirit earthside. Parenting a pure consciousness. Opening your heart to more love. 

Struggle and suffering. Learning and growing. Patience and frustration. Joy and sadness. Confusion and celebration. This is all postpartum.

Witnessing birth is like watching a seed drop from a flower.

As a Postpartum Doula, my commitment is to serve and support parents and families after  giving birth.

This is a time of deep transition, whether it is the first child or third, unbiased, compassionate support is an option for your family.

What drew me to postpartum work was caring for the mother. In a time that can be overwhelming and confusing, I wanted them to feel like they have someone to lean on. I wanted to help people feel safe and comforted when they needed it.





Infant/Pediatric/Adult CPR 

American Red Cross, 2018


Certified Postpartum Doula

Cornerstone Doula Trainings, 2018

Placenta Specialist Certification

Cornerstone Doula Trainings, 2019

I'm Kara Edwards, a newly certified Postpartum Doula & Placenta Specialist, and I feel grateful to be entering into the calling of birth & postpartum work. I grew up in a small village, Yellow Springs, Ohio. I moved to San Francisco in 2015, ready to start college at SFSU in the zoology department. That quickly turned into transferring to the Holistic Health department, which then led me down many other paths bringing me to find my passion, midwifery. 

After moving to California & confronting the reality of being uncomfortable in my own skin due to poor mental and physical health, I was led to plant medicine. Through plant medicine, I discovered more and more models of care that were centered around love, connection, and honoring your vessel. No one's care plan, whether using herbs, medication, massage, bodywork, therapy, etc. will be the same as another's. This unique quality of holistic care is one of the many things that has led me to  birth & postpartum work. It is very important to me to honor everyone's vessel as if it were my own. With respect, compassion, and tenderness, my goal is to hold space for my clients in the ways they need to the best of my ability. 





My best friends mother, Amy, is my biggest role model. As  a Doula, developmental trauma specialist, and herbalist, she has inspired me in more ways than I can count. I want to thank her for all she has done to support me. Thank you, Amy. 



Postpartum Doula

I am here for you, offering unbiased, non-judgmental, compassionate support. 

I will also provide

- preparation of nourishing  postpartum meals

- breastfeeding & formula feeding information and assistance

- newborn care information

- referrals to other services & support 

- light house keeping (dishes, light tidying, light laundry)

- sibling care & support​

- overnight baby care 

Meeting your care needs are important to me, and we can work on an appropriate schedule together.


Sliding scale rates available, please inquire!

Day shift  $30 / hour (3 hour minimum)

Night shift* $35 / hour (8 hours) 

*Please note that I offer only two night shift per week in order to respect my body and its needs.

Food as Medicine

Nourishing the body while healing from birth is essential. Food is medicine. 

Cooking with the knowledge of many different healing traditions, I can: 

-Offer a 'menu' of meals I enjoy preparing for you to choose from

- Provide (up-to) three full meals for the postpartum person & family per week. 

-Deliver the meals to you (SF only), even if you are not my postpartum client. 

Inquire for more information about this service. 


For all services, a free interview is included so we can connect about your care needs.

Currently Serving San Francisco Only



What are you looking for in terms of postpartum support?

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